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Welcome to B2Consulting

Business is evolving, the classroom is evolving, and so is the GMAT® exam.
Today’s business word is rich in data. To succeed, you’ll need to analyze information from a variety of sources, and develop strategies and make decisions based on that information. It’s called Integrated Reasoning and it’s something you do every day. Beginning on June 5, 2012, the GMAT exam will measure your ability to problem solve in this area. Register to take the Next Generation GMAT exam.

It is our sole responsibility to assist you with your quest in the bid for as many options for success as possible. Our tough is helping you to meet the rigorous admission process of some ivy-league business and graduate school, so that you can achieve your long term career goals. We at b2Consulting, we move your career goals ahead.

We train our participant in a way to accommodate sound minded individuals that have experienced excellence in their area of professional/academic competence. We have at our disposal most competent hands that will give you the magic of highest possible score in your exams. 

We specialize in the following professional exams: 

  • GMAT®
  • GRE®
  • TOEFL®
  • SAT®
  • IELTS®
  • ***Other Professional Exams***

Our test preparatory program is unique and first to none both in verbal and quantitative.

At B2Consulting we give you the best training you can never get anywhere else, graduate school applicant who are seeking admission into any of the ivy-league university around the world should come and share in our magic for simplified way of answering test questions.

 Below is the current year test schedule, Click on a date of interest and submit a request form. We will take it from there and help you all the way.

Click on a Date to Register
January 7th 21st
February 11th 25th
March 3rd 10th
April 14th 7th
May 19th 26th
June 9th 16th
July 7th 21st
August 14th 18th
September 15th 1st
October 20th 13th
November 3rd 17th
December 1st 8th
 * Date subject to change*  

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