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Where to register for the TOEFL exam in Lagos? 

TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language. ETS Educational Testing Services administer the exam. This exam is administered worldwide and stands as proof that you can speak, listen, write, and Read in English. The 4 levels of language proficiency are measured accurately and correctly. Where to register for the TOEFL exam in Lagos?

All test takers must take this exam seriously as it counts the most important language skills and it covers all levels. The TOEFL exam mainly focuses on academic discourse only. So, when applying for this exam please note that you only need it for academic purposes. 

Why do Nigerians need to write the TOEFL Exam?

Nigeria is not presumed as an English-speaking country but we are regarded as a second user of the English language. The second user simply means that before we know, learn and understand the English language, we already have our local language which could be referred to as our mother tongue. Our mother tongue is predominantly assumed to have dominance in our speaking, listening, reading, and writing of the English language. 

Where to register for TOEFL Exam in Lagos. 

There is a lot of TOEFL Training center where you can register for the TOEFL exam but among all B2consulting remain the No 1 training center where you can register for the TOEFL exam in Lagos. Our head office is located in Lekki and we have a dedicated instructor and a conducive learning environment. It is important to note that when looking for where to register for the TOEFL exam in Lagos, come to our Lekki office which happens to be our head office. 

We have a dedicated customer support service that helps you with all the information you need. We also assist you with tips on passing the TOEFL exam. 

Choose between our office or another testing center to write TOEFL.

To register for the TOEFL exam in Lagos, you can test for the exam in our office with our fast-speed internet dedicated for you only. We will give you this option at the point of registration. If that suits you and if not, we can register you to write your TOEFL in the center of your choice. It does not matter your location in Nigeria we will get you registered as soon as possible.

What to do before registration.

Before you register for the TOFEL exam, kindly note that you will need to send us the schools to which you want your result to be sent. Usually, you have the option of four free schools to send your result at the point of registration. Bear in mind if you do not wish to send your score until after the result is available online, you will then have to send your score to your preferred university paying a certain amount in USD. This amount varies but you can contact us for more information. 

What to do after registration 

Once, we register you for the TOEFL exam, you will receive a confirmation email, this email state that you have been registered and a date has been chosen for your exam with a specific time allocated. Once you receive this email, is time for you to get ready for your exam.

How the TOEFL Exam is scored

As earlier explained, the exam is in four different parts. The sole aim of this exam is to measure your language proficiency. The TOEFL exam is scored on a scale of 1-120. This means that the total score on the exam is 120. The TOEFL exam has 4 sessions. 

  • 1. The listening 
  • 2. The Reading 
  • 3. The writing 
  • 4. The speaking

Each session is scored 30, which means the highest possible score on each session of the Exam is 30. If you multiply 30X4 the total score is 120.  To learn more about the TOEFL exam Click here. If you want to register for the TOEFL exam with us, Click here.

how to register the GRE home Edition
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How to Register GRE Home Edition

Many people have been trying to register for the GRE home Edition but the major obstacle is how to begin. In the article, I will be explaining in detail the registration process for the GRE Home Edition. The GRE Home Edition has just been newly introduced. A lot of test-takers in Nigeria still find it very difficult to Register for the exam on their own. Here, I will be explaining to you step by the step registration process.

Opening a Profile Account with ETS

To register for the GRE Home Edition, you need to first open a profile. to open a profile on their website you visit GRE and create an account. To start, you need to make sure you fill all the important part marks in Red. Which includes your name, date of birth, and email address. The 3 most important pieces of information you need to fill in while creating an account with the ETS GRE Home Edition profile. Your name, Date of birth, and email address.

Sign Into your ETS Profile with your Username

After creating an account on their website, an email will be sent to you notifying you of your Username which excludes your password. The username is the one you choose at registration. It is obviously something you are familiar with but your password remains confidential. However, you will be asked to sign in to your account using your username and password. Once logged into your ETS Gre Account, then you can begin the process for registration.

Once Logged in

immediately after you log into your GRE Profile, you will be asked to choose which of the GRE you to write. You have the option of the home edition or the center Exam. To learn more about these two exams you can read them here. Since the article focuses on the GRE Home Edition, you just click on the Home Edition and choose the date. There are a lot of available dates on their website but please check the time zone before you click on next.

All the way to the Payment page.

As you continue with the registration, the system will always prompt you for the next action. All the other process is pretty much easy till you get to the payment page. Here, I will explain to you some of the problems with the Gre Home Edition payment page.

Only 2 Payment Option

  1. Credit/Debit Card. when making a payment with the option of a credit card there are some countries where the payment gateway has been yanked off the GRE payment portal. Nigeria is not an exception, so no matter how you try, your payment will never go through. If you are having this problem you can click here to Contact Us to help you make the payment. We help you pay without stress because we have been doing it for over a decade.
  2. Paypal. If you have a Paypal account, it will be easier for you to make the payment using your PayPal account. But unfortunately, Nigeria is also excepted from Paypal gateway payment. Your best bet to paying for your GRE Home Edition is to Contact Us for speedy and accurate payment without any hidden charges.

In general

The GRE Home Edition is quick a hell of stress while trying to register for the exam but with this little piece of information, I want to believe that you know understand some few problems faced by Nigerians in trying to register for the GRE exam. You can read more about the GRE here.


Best School In Nigeria For MBA

Best School in Nigeria for MBA, there are a lot of schools that offer MBA programs in Nigeria. Among all these schools we have a list of 5 schools that stands out and have international recognition. They are certified to be among the top schools that offer an MBA program in Nigeria.

How to search for MBA School in Nigeria

The No 1 place to search for a recognized MBA school. That offers comprehensive teaching and insightful information. The knowledge-based training has been tested around the board. In many years of existence, is limited to just only 5.

Even though, there are many more institutions that offer these courses. We will only focus on these mentioned schools and do a quick review of them. The top 5 best schools in Nigeria for MBA

1. Lagos Business School
LBS School Ambient

Lagos business school is a business learning citadel for business entrepreneurs. It is for people willing to learn about business strategy, business analysis, and business knowledge. The environment is cozy, especially the EDC, with very serene and quality lectures. A nice ambiance, and great facilities that completely compete with international standards. It is the number 1 and one of the best business schools in Africa with full local and international content.

To register for their MBA classes, it is very important to note that you will need to write the GMAT or GRE exam, If you cannot pass this exam with a minimum of 550 on the GMAT exam and a minimum of 300 on the GRE exam then you will be asked to write their MBA entrance exam schedule at the university premises. For more information, you have to visit their website and check for up-to-date information.

2. Unilag MBA School
Unilag MBA School

The Unilag MBA school seeks to develop today’s inquisitive and analytical complexities of the modern organization. This MBA is a professional program designed for students’ intuitive knowledge and understanding of today’s business world.

The Unilag Masters of Business Administration MBA is a special program that attracts various students from different sociocultural academic backgrounds and prepares them for higher positions in management through the use of appropriate teaching and modern aid that confirm the internationally recognized model. For admission, it is very important for you to do a practice test on previous past questions. That is the only thing that can guarantee success at the entrance examination.

3. The Executive Business School
LBS MBA School Executive

The MBA Executive school is a subsidiary of the Lagos Business school. It is mainly for executives of cooperating organizations. Who has to reach the peak of their career and want to acquire new strategies and recent most useful tech deployed in solving complex problems faced in Business.

It is a well-packaged program that has over 100 value for money. It is also an opportunity for you to catch up with waves of information going on in the business world. To be admitted, into the LBS Executive MBA School in Nigeria. You need to pass the GRE/GMAT exam.

If you need more information about this exam and, how to pass them in the first sitting without stress you can contact us by clicking on the link to read more about this exam and how you can pass them in the first sitting. Need help Click here.

4. The West African Business School MBA


Located on Kudirat Abiola way Ikeja. It is one of the foremost regional training and research institution for business in the whole of Africa. Leadership and management education in sub-Sahara Africa. They redefine educational management and organizational learning by democratizing knowledge and information that links business with intelligence.

The West African Business School (WABS), is established in response to the need for high-quality professional development. The school has become a global brand well known in Africa. For delivery of world-class cooperation training, Government human capital development professional education, and research services.

5. OAU Executive MBA School
OAU Executive MBA School

Obafemi Awolowo University is located in Ile_Ife, Osun state. It is a Citadel of knowledge with his executive MBA. Which is a professional program concerned with the ever increasingly complex professional needs of practicing managers.

The Executive MBA School is specially designed to meet the needs of managers. This Managers must have considerable experience in the field but are unable to leave their work to engage in full-time study. This MBA provides managers at all levels an opportunity to acquire postgraduate education in business management and administration.

To learn more about B2Consulting. The Kind of exam we offer to help you pass your MBA School entrance exam. Kindly click here and get started.

Where to Register for GRE Exam

How do I register for GRE in Lagos?

There are few Training centers where you can Register for GRE

If you have been worried as to where you can register for the GRE in Lagos. I will help you with information as to what you have to do. Before thinking of where to Register for your GRE. As you know, the GRE is important. If not the most important exam you have to write before getting admission into Graduate school. I will be recommending that you check online first before you make your decision. Try to do a review of the centers you would want to go register for the exam. One of the things you can also check is the success rate of the student who has taken the training with the testing center. The goal of the exam is for you to have your desired test score and you must put this into consideration.

All About the GRE Exam

As the name implies GRE is a Graduate Record examination and it is written in more than 150 countries around the world. The exam has one of the highest test takers and it is used mainly for graduate admission into the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Before you can apply to write this exam, you must be a university graduate because it is mainly for people who want to further their careers.
However, there are few exceptions to this exam, for example, it is not only for people who intend to do their Masters’s degree only but for people who want to do their MBA in the countries mentioned earlier. So, if you are an intending master’s applicant or want to do your MBA abroad, I will suggest you have to take the GRE.

The Importance of the GRE Exam

It is important to note that the exam is overwhelming. Also very difficult because it is a Computer Adaptive Test. This means that the more you get the questions correctly, the more the computer brings difficult questions. So difficult that you also have less than 52sec to answer one question. On the other hand, the more you fail each question the less the difficulty level. The more time you have to spend on each session of the exam. Generally, the way the CAT test works is that if the question becomes tougher, the score gets higher. But if it becomes easier the total score is reduced. Having this understanding will help you to prepare better for the exam. The major problem is that you need to do a lot of practice tests. Mainly on the computer.

GRE Score

The total possible score on the GRE is 340. We have 3 sessions in all. AWA ( Analytical Writing Assessment) Which has two English essay Questions, the Issue Essay, and the Argument Essay. The other session is Quantitative and the Verbal. They are objective choice questions from A-D you have to choose the best answer. The total allocated time for this exam is 240min approximately 4 hours with a 10min break.

To Register For the GRE Exam

You have to visit the GRE website www.ets.org/gre and put in your details. Click on registration, on registering you can then book a site for the exam and choose your preferred center, based on your present location. There are a few centers where you can write this exam on the GRE website. These centers changed but you can find up-to-date information on their website.

Need help with GRE Registration

If you will need help with the registration then you can contact us and we will be available to help you with registration. If you need special help like urgent needs to write the exam within the shortest possible time then you can visit our help website to get the best assistance in passing the GRE Exam.

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